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Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can you rent a mini bus for long-distance travels?
    A: You can reserve a mini bus for long distance travels, but it is not recommended. The amenities on a larger bus (such as a bathroom) make long hauls more comfortable. Plus, with extra space, you and your guests can spread out more!
    Q: Who pays for the chauffeur’s hotel?
    A: Yes, the client is responsible for providing lodging for the chauffeur. You may take the task upon yourself, ask your hotel for any discounts for the chauffeur if you’re booking a large number of rooms, or you can inform Prime Limo’s office that you would like us to book the room and bill you for it.
    Q: Are there any TVs on the bus? How do I watch a movie?
    A: Each bus will have anywhere from two to six video monitors, depending on the size of the vehicle you rented. Most buses you will be able to stream via Roku stick- but bear in mind that service might be limited depending on the area you are driving through (similar to cell phone service). For backup, we recommend you bring your own DVDs!
    Q: Can we smoke or drink alcohol on your buses?
    A: Smoking is prohibited onboard our buses. You are more than welcome to consume any food or drink on the vehicle. Alcoholic beverages are only permitted to those who are of age (21 years or older).
    Q: Will the bus charter I get be the same ones you have on your website?
    A: Photographs on the website are of vehicles Prime Limo owns. 99% of the time, the vehicle pictured will be the vehicle provided. There might be differences in color (black or white). Should you have any concerns about a particular bus, or if you have any special requests or clarifications, you can always ask our customer service agent about them.
    Q: Can we drive the bus charter ourselves?
    A: Unfortunately, you must be a licensed professional to drive any/all charter buses. For your safety and ours, only the chauffeur will be allowed to drive the charter bus.
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