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Traffic is a Factor

Traffic is a constant factor for anyone on the road. For personal travel or a private car service, it can impact your experience in a very negative way. With more and more construction on the roads, drive times are now taking longer and longer. It is always good to take these delays into account when booking a reservation. You cannot always plan ahead for the unforeseen accidents or additional delays, but you can always count on traffic being in between you and your destination.

We recommend asking our representatives about estimated drive times for locations, especially when going to the airport or a special event. Catching a flight does not need to be any more stressful if you are having to worry about a time crunch. The same goes for major event venues, there can be a lot of traffic build up close to the location. We have been all around the Dallas area and can usually give you a good estimate of possible traffic conditions. Be sure to take this into account when booking your next reservation with Prime Limo!

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