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Tips and Tricks for DFW Airport

Many people these days travel constantly, either for work or for pleasure. For those of you that do not travel as frequently, here are a few tips for making your reservations for DFW Airport!

1. Make sure to book in advance - When scheduling your next airport drop off/pick up, be sure to book at least 24 hours in advance. This makes the transfer go much smoother, and takes the worry out of the trip!

2. Luggage is an important factor - Any hard luggage items that you bring have to go into the trunk of the vehicle, so be sure to account for the amount you have and book accordingly! Sedans are best for two large suitcases, and SUVs can carry much more depending on how many passengers there are.

3. How much time do you need at the airport? - For domestic flights we recommend arriving at the airport at least an hour in advance, and for international we recommend an hour and a half. Be sure to calculate this time when booking your pick up, or you can ask one of our representatives for a recommendation!

4. Meet and Greets make life easier - With our option for Meet and Greet service at DFW Airport, our chauffeur can meet you inside at baggage claim and help you with any luggage you may have. They will also have a sign with your name on it!

Feel free to let us know any of your own personal tips and tricks for DFW Airport, and possibly have them featured in our future segments!