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Tips and Tricks for Dallas Love Field

Many people these days travel constantly, either for work or for pleasure. For those of you that do not travel as frequently, here are a few tips for making your reservations for Dallas Love Field Airport.

1. A smaller airport does not mean shorter wait time - Even though Dallas Love Field is much smaller than DFW Airport, it still has approximately the same amount of "in airport" time. Be sure to plan for that approximate hour at the terminal to get through security.

2. Which airlines operate at DAL? - Dallas Love Field only has a few major airlines, as well as some private airfields. They consist of Virgin America, Southwest, and occasionally Delta airlines. If you fly on either Virgin or Southwest, then your flight is at DAL and not at DFW airport.

3. Meet and Greet service - We do offer Meet and Greet service at DAL, but due to the parking garage being quite far from the terminal we have to assign a secondary chauffeur to complete this. This does make this service more expensive than the DFW location, but we can of course still handle it for you!

4. How do I find my chauffeur? - You will still receive the automated text messages ahead of time with the chauffeur's information, but there are a few things to know about getting to the vehicle. At baggage claim, look for the escalator labeled "Ground Transportation". Go down and through the tunnel, when you are outside turn left and follow the purple signs marked "Limousine". Your chauffeur will be ready and waiting for you!

Feel free to let us know any of your own personal tips and tricks for Dallas Love Field Airport, and possibly have them featured in our future segments!