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Throwback Thursday To Our First Limo

The First

We are bringing back the memories today with our very first limo! It was a traditional black on black 2001 Lincoln Town Car and she was a beauty. At the time, she had all the bells, lights, and whistles that made for a fun night out. However, compared to our limos today, this one would not stand a chance. With all of the upgrades, LED lighting, new sound system, new models, and increased standards, the limos today are an entirely new class of luxury, comfort, and style.First Limo

First Limo Interior

The Latest

Currently, we are building a brand new 8-11 passenger 2018 Black Chrysler 300S Limo. This will be the latest vehicle to add to our growing collection, which is now over 20 times the size of our original fleet! It will feature all the latest technology, lighting, and audio options available. As of now, it is scheduled to be completed in October. Be sure to ask our representatives about it for your next event as we are taking reservations now!

(We tried to put a picture of a 2018 Chrysler 300S Limo, but apparently none exist yet. Be ready to see what it looks like in about 5 weeks!)

Prime Memories

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