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The Texas Heat

Effects of Heat

Texas heat can play an important part in luxury transportation. With the temperatures outside and the body heat inside, some vehicles may struggle to keep their cool inside temperatures. And when you are out on the town, the last thing you want to worry about is a hot vehicle. We take this issue very seriously and want to make sure you have a comfortable experience in all of our vehicles.


Many of our vehicles are always prepared for any heat that mother nature can create. All of our Luxury Sedans and SUVs are as cool as cucumbers by the time they reach you for your pick up. These specialty vehicles listed below are ones that we have built with dual A/C units for guaranteed comfort.

What about 8-10 passenger limos?

Our 8-10 passenger limos are equipped with the latest A/C units available, and are still fully capable of creating a cool environment. However, with the size of the vehicle they are only able to hold one unit instead of two. We recommend two things if you are interested in this type of vehicle for the summer.

  1. Groups of 8 or less passengers would be perfect for this vehicle.
  2. For groups of 8-10 we recommend upgrading to a larger vehicle for more comfort and room inside.

Your comfort is one of our main priorities, so be sure and ask our representatives what vehicle might be best for your transportation needs!

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