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Special Features: Making Dreams a Reality

In the past 30 years, vehicles have evolved from things that just get us from point A to point B, to luxurious experiences that can be thoroughly enjoyed. What was once luxury is now common place, and what were once thought of as dreams have slowly been becoming realities in our modern day vehicles. Technology is pressing the boundaries of luxury to give future customers the best riding experience possible. We have begun incorporating some of these futuristic luxuries into our vehicles, and so far they have been a tremendous hit with our passengers! Here are a few of the vehicles in our fleet with some extra special luxuries of their own.

1. Mercedes Limo Sprinter - In the passenger compartment there is a compact control panel that can manipulate all aspects of the vehicle. It can control every light individually, the sound system, TVs, and the driver partition. It is easy to use and is designed to give you the most custom environment you can have in a vehicle.

Limo Sprinter Control PanelLimo Sprinter blue lights on interior

2. Chrysler 300 Limo - This vehicle features an entirely illuminated ceiling and floor. With the touch screen controls you can change between a full range of colors that can illuminate the entire vehicle! They can also be set to fade in and out of every color at a speed of your choosing. As an added bonus, the interior lights also match the lighting on the exterior sides of the vehicle, so everyone you pass by can know what an amazing time you are having inside!

Blue Chrysler 300 interiorGreen interior of Chrysler 300

3. Executive Mini Bus - Our Mini-Bus has an extra storage feature that is not often included for that class.  It offers not only a large trunk in the rear, but also overhead luggage compartments with LED lighting! This allows for extra space in the vehicle, as well as ease of access to your small bags if you do not wish for them to be in the trunk area.

White Executive Mini-BusExecutive Mini-Bus blue interior storage

4. All Mercedes Sprinters - All of our Sprinters now come equipped with a WiFi hotspot inside. This can allow customer's to use their mobile devices without having to use data, and also increases their internet connectivity. This is an added bonus that we ourselves installed to give our executive and leisure clientele the best experience available.

Mercedes Sprinter black exteriorWiFi hotspot for sprinters


All of these luxuries and more are offered in our constantly upgrading fleet. Be sure to try them out for yourself, and discover what real luxury can be!

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