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New Polaris Slingshot!

With all the hard work that goes on here at Prime Limo, it is nice for our chauffeurs and staff to be able to relax on their time away from the office. That is why we have recently purchased a brand new Polaris Slingshot. This new company vehicle is meant to be used for fun for our staff and allow them to enjoy the open roads even when they are not working. With our main operations taking place all across the city's streets, it can start to feel like work every time we are on the road even if it is not during a shift. This brings the fun back into the everyday drive!

Michael Burrowes in our Polaris SlingshotJodi in our Polaris Slingshot

With this new addition to our company fleet, we are sure to have chauffeurs continuously enjoying the roads. Because at Prime Limo, we always want to make this a great environment for our staff and chauffeurs. If you are ever interested in checking out our fleet, be sure to ask about the Slingshot on your stop by our garage!

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