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New Child Seats and Policies

Safety First

At Prime Limo we pride ourselves on not only providing the best luxury service in the North Texas area, but also the safest. We carry multiple types of infant and child seats so we will be sure to have just what you require for your little ones.

Infant Seat - Best for infants that are 4lbs - 30lbs and under 30 inches. This can be forward facing or rear facing with adjustable straps.

Toddler Seat - Best for children 22-65lbs and 27-49 inches. Top is also extendable for comfort and has adjustable straps.

Booster Seat - Best for children 40-100lbs and up to 57 inches. Child must also be at least 4 years old.


Car Seats

Child Seat Policies

Here are a few good things to know if you book any reservations requiring a child seat.

Installation - Due to insurance liability, we or our chauffeurs are not allowed to install the child seats. Upon arrival to the vehicle the seats will be inside and ready for the passenger to install them.

$20 - Any combination of infant, child, and/or booster seats

$10 - Booster seat/s (as many as needed)


Child Seats with Nitro

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