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Beautiful Mother's Day Dinner

This past Sunday was one of the biggest family holidays of the year, Mother's Day! We were lucky enough to celebrate it with many great people, and one group in particular that went big with their dinner plans. This group actually rented out our 30 passenger White Mini-Bus for their event, and hosted 22 couples for their night out.

They dined at the delicious Via Real restaurant in Irving, and had a great Mother's Day night out on the town. Our chauffeur Cole, greatly enjoyed working with them and so did we! We always want our passengers to have a fun time in our vehicles and know they have a safe and secure ride ahead. Our team will look forward to working with them again, and we look forward to working with all of you as well! Be sure to contact us anytime to get your quotes or to reserve your next trip. We are always ready to help with your next event!

Vehicle Info & Pricing: 29-30 Passenger Executive Mini Bus

*Be sure to ask us about our 2018 50 passenger Executive Mini-Coach coming soon!*

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