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Make Sure To Get Your Quote!

Benefits of Getting a Quote

It is always good to know the price before you pay for something, and getting a quote is exactly that. The quote you receive it a guaranteed rate that will be applied when setting up the reservation. It will include all applicable fees such as taxes, tolls, fuel, or any specific additional charges that may apply. Everything besides the gratuity is included, which is always at your discretion.

How to Get a Quote

We have many easy ways to get you your quotes, here are a few:

  • Quick Quotes - On the home page of our website over the banner picture
  • In-Depth Quotes - On the "Make a Reservation" tab you can fill out every detail of the trip and click "Get Quote" to send that instead of confirming the reservation
  • Via Chat - Agents are standing by to chat with you on our website 24/7, and can help with any of your quoting needs
  • Via Phone - Available 24/7 at (214) 256-6725
  • Via Email - Available 24/7 at

You can use any of these methods you would prefer, and you will be sure to get the same accurate quote! Contact us today to see the cost of your next trip, and be sure to think of Prime Limo for your transportation needs!

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