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How Our Limos Outshine the Competition

There are many things to consider when selecting a limo company, and one of those is "What makes this company stand out?". We pride ourselves on standing out among the competition. Here are a few things that we do differently to give you that extra special ride.


Before any of our limos leave the garage, they are fully cleaned and detailed inside and out. Our staff makes sure that every nook and cranny of these vehicles are fully polished before sending it out to you. This includes vacuuming, polishing the seats, adding special scents, cleaning the exterior, shining the wheels, and stocking the bar areas. Speaking of the bar area, what different amenities come included in the limos?


Each of our limos come included with many different special items to make the trip more magical. Here are a few of those items below.

- Champagne Flutes

- Glassware

- Cups

- Premium Napkins

- Ice

- Water Bottles

- Auxiliary Cord

All of these items are there to give you an extra special ride, and are at your full disposal. You can even make special requests for items you would like in the vehicle, and we will have there ready and waiting for you. This is just a small way that Prime Limo is standing out among the competition. Be sure to secure your reservation today!

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Prime Amenities

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