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Our Licensed and Certified Chauffeurs

How are they Certified?

All of our chauffeurs are required to have their state distributed Transportation for Hire license. This requires them to pass a lengthy background check and be suitable to drive our vehicles. We also go through a week long training course in house to test their knowledge and strengthen their customer service. Our course consists of defensive driving, individual vehicle operation, customer service lessons, and airport meeting procedures.

Additional Certification

For our larger vehicles over 24 passengers, the state also requires a CDL license to drive those vehicles. Many of our chauffeurs have acquired this already, and many more are still going through the process to get this. To get a CDL license they must go through even more intense training and testing through the state to even be able to apply for it. This ensures us and others that they are prepared to drive our buses, which are some of the largest vehicles out on the road.

Why require this?

We require all of this training to make sure that all of our customers are well taken care of in any one of our vehicles. After all of this testing our chauffeurs have become a part of the Prime Limo family. And if they can succeed, we can succeed as well. We want them all to perform at the highest standards that we here uphold. We promise to never stop improving, as we lead the way in service in our industry.

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