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Introducing Our 2017 Lincoln Continental!

The History

The Lincoln Continental first appeared back in 1939 as a prototype vehicle specifically made for the head of Ford Motor Company. This vehicle straight from its beginning was meant to transport the highest of clientele. It quickly became even more popular than its previous counter part, the Lincoln Zephyr. Through the years it has been built and redesigned multiple times by Lincoln Motor company, always with the mindset that it is a passenger's vehicle. It continued to be a limited production vehicle, as to keep it's unique legend alive. With this limited production the creators would always include the most up to date and futuristic technology. Other luxury vehicles paled in comparison to this competition, as they could barely keep up with the innovations inside the Continental.

1939 Lincoln Continental 2002 Lincoln Continental

The last production year of the Lincoln Continental came back in 2002 due to a decline in sales. This was directly related to the standardization of safety features that had originally made it stand out among it's competition. This coupled with the increase in marketing for international companies, such as Mercedes and BMW, sadly led to the end of the Continental line. Or so we thought...

The Comeback

Lincoln decided in the summer of 2015 to unveil their new concepts for the reboot of the Continental line.

Lincoln Continental ConceptLincoln Continental Concept Interior

This new vehicle was meant to replace the existing Lincoln MKS series which ended as of 2016. The Continental again offers some of the latest technological features and the most luxurious ride in town. Some of it's new features include a never before offered "E-latch" system for door locks, adaptive cruise control, lane correction technology, and a 360-degree camera system. These and many other features now come standard on the base model of the Continental. However, we have decided to go above and beyond and have purchased the 2017 Lincoln Continental Livery Edition!

Our Lincoln Continental: Livery Edition

With the release of the new Continental, we wanted to make sure that we had the best one possible for our passengers. That is why we purchased the Livery Edition.

Lincoln Continental Interior

We purchased this vehicle with the help of Mr. David Bastian from Town Auto Group back in September 2016. We have patiently been waiting for it to be built and it arrived on our doorstep on January 5th! This vehicle was custom built to our specifications of luxury and includes all the latest and greatest features.  It features:

  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Foot activated trunk lift
  • Rear audio/climate controls
  • Customizable accent lighting
  • Rear sun screens
  • Power rear seat recliners
  • Adaptive steering

Continental DashContinental Rear Controls

With all of these features it is sure to become one of our most popular vehicles. As this is one of our greatest Luxuruy Sedans, it will mostly be reserved for hourly trips that require that extra bit of elegance. We are offering this beauty for the same rate as our other sedans at just $75/hour! This vehicle has taken our sedan fleet well beyond the next level, and it is certain to become a passenger favorite. Be sure to ask about it when making your next reservation!

Continental Ready To Go

Reserve for $75/hour!