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How To Identify Prime Limo

In this business it is good to be seen and identified on the roads. This allows people to see who is giving the best service and has the latest vehicles. It also helps our current passengers locate their vehicle when it is on site. There are many different ways that you are able to identify our service. Listed below are just a few ways that you can spot us out around the town.

The License Plates

All of our vehicles have custom license plates. Each one will be labeled with "PRIME" and then the number of the vehicle (i.e. PRIME19). The vehicle information is sent to you before the scheduled pick up time as well so you can better identify the vehicle. These plates make it much easier to spot our cars when being picked up curbside, especially at the airport with many other competitors on site.

The Logos

Each of our vehicles is equipped with multiple easy to identify logos. On the side we have the DFW Authorities decal that allows us to operate at the airport and in the cities. This is a mandatory feature for all private car services. We also have our Prime Limo logo elegantly placed on the back window. This is a great way to identify our vehicles when they are on the road.

The Chauffeurs

We supply all of our chauffeurs with the professional Prime Limo attire needed for that position. You can spot them in their black vest with the Prime Limo logo over the heart. They are also professionally attired with a white button down shirt, black dress pants, black dress shoes, and their smiling faces!

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