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Grace Period

What Is a Grace Period?

A grace period is a certain amount of time that we offer in addition to your reservation. It is meant to help if you have small delays or as a buffer zone for the reservation. It is not meant to be thought of as extra time with the vehicle. We have this policy in place as a convenience for our customers, and it is here to help ensure a stress free ride. Be sure to always plan your trip with the intention that you will not be using that extra time. Listed below are the different types of transport and the grace periods that go along with each.

Airport Transfers

For pick ups that are being transported to the airport, we have a 15 minute grace period upon the pick up. And for pick ups at the airport we have a 30 minute grace period after the flight lands. This is meant to give a bit of extra time to get luggage, load the vehicle, and get going on the road. Any time past that grace period has a per minute charge until you are on the way to your destination. It can be calculated by the hourly rate of the vehicle, divided by 60, and that will give you the minute to minute charge.

Point to Point Transfers

With point to point transfers we do just have a 15 minute grace period to get in the vehicle and head to your drop off. Again this is meant to help with small delays in loading the vehicle. It has the same way to calculate the per minute charge after the grace period has expired (hourly rate/60).

Hourly Reservations

For hourly reservations, we have a 15 minute grace period after the last hour. This again is meant as a small buffer in case of extra traffic, unloading time, things of that sort. It is not meant to be seen as an extra 15 minutes on your reservation. Looking at it that way can sometimes cause you to go over on time with unloading. Also, traffic is a factor that can impact your time, and that is a factor that can push past the grace time. Anything past the 15 minute grace period and it does charge for the full next hour of service. This means that even 1 minute past that time, and the full next hour rate for that vehicle will be charged. Always try to plan ahead on your trip and try not to incorporate the grace period into your timeline.

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