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Galveston: Here We Come!

Galveston Island

There is no place too far we cannot go, and no reservation too long that we cannot handle it. Both of these aspects are shown in our week long trip to Galveston Island! We had a great family group going down this past week to see all the sights the island has to offer. Our chauffeur and vehicle spent 6 days and 5 nights on the coast showing the group everything that can be seen out there. Their destination and vehicle of choice were perfect for a Texas road trip. We count ourselves lucky to have shown them the wonders that Galveston has to offer!


The Vehicle of Choice

For this trip, they had chosen our always popular Mercedes Limo Sprinter. It is perfect for long trips due to its smooth ride and extra amenities. There are the 2 larger screen Smart TVs, multiple video streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, etc), and a WiFi hotspot all included. With the larger interior cabin, you can fully stand up and stretch your legs and even walk around a bit. And the full windows on both sides of the vehicle offer a full view of everything passing by. All of this combined with the advanced A/C system ensures you will have a cool ride on all of your travels.

Mercedes Sprinter on the beach in Seadrift, TXLimo Sprinter Interior


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Galveston Pier

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