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Explore Dallas


With summer’s tempting allure calling your name, isn’t it time you started enjoying yourself? From the stress of work, end of school activities, prom, and graduation a vacation is long overdue. Dallas has so many great attractions that you don’t have to leave the comfort of the city to have a getaway.

Make traveling anywhere in the metroplex as luxurious and effortless as possible with Prime Limo. We can accommodate any party size, with  MCI Motor Coaches for larger groups  and Mercedes Sprinters for smaller ones. While enjoying your staycation explore some of the many attractions and activities the city has to offer. From conspiracy theories to wild animals, Dallas will captivate you.

Take a trip to the wild side at the Dallas Zoo, sitting on 106 acres with over 430 different species on display. Discover more than 23 larger-than-life dinosaurs. Get a chance to play with robotic dinosaurs and hunt for fossils at the Dino exhibit that runs through September 2.


Travel to the Grassy Knoll, location of many heated debates, where the infamous JFK assassination car ride made history on November 22, 1963. Then continue the journey of controversy and conspiracy on the JFK Assassination and Museum Tour, to the home of Harvey Lee Oswald - the assumed assassin of former President John F. Kennedy. This tragic assassination remains as one of the most speculated and discussed unsolved mysteries of our time.


Enjoy solving puzzles? Confident to escape in 60 minutes or less? With 4 escape rooms to choose from, the Escape Room is a challenging and exciting experience in which you use your wits and problem-solving expertise to unveil clues and escape before time runs out.



With all the hidden gems Dallas has to offer take a chance to explore. The possibilities are endless, and the city is here to cater to all your needs. Regardless of what or where you decide to explore and experience this summer, Prime Limo will make it as memorable as possible.