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Do We Allow Smoking?

May 15, 2017


All of the vehicles in our fleet are non-smoking. This includes cigarettes (or similar, ex: Black N Mild), tobacco scented vaping, or any illegal substances. This regulation allows our vehicles to stay fresh for each and every passenger that comes aboard. For those that still smoke, we recommend doing so before or after the trip as a courtesy to future passengers and our chauffeurs.

Why have this policy?

  • Keeps our vehicles in pristine condition
  • The smoke scent stays with the vehicle long after that passenger's trip
  • Smoking may distract or inhibit our chauffeur
  • This may be a health risk to others in the vehicle, including the chauffeur
  • Potential burn marks in the vehicle if is it dropped
  • Allows all non-smoking passengers to enjoy the ride without the smokey aroma

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