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Clean Glassware Every Time!

The Preparation

Providing the best service in DFW means not only the best chauffeurs and vehicles, but also the best amenities for those trips. All of our stretch limousines come included with complimentary bottled water, ice, champagne flutes, glassware, cups, and premium napkins. A big party of these amenities is the glassware included in the vehicle. Before every reservation each glass is washed and dried in our brand new dishwasher. We use a special blend of cleaners to make sure that each glass comes out looking brand new.

The Presentation

After the glassware is cleaned and polished, it moves on to the presentation phase. This is where everything is put in the vehicle to be ready for any passengers on the trip. Our prep staff makes sure each and every cup holder and champagne flute hook is filled with a clean glass with a custom Prime Limo napkin. The vehicles are made to hold as many glasses as there are passengers, so everyone can have their own!

Clean Glassware Limo SprinterLimo Sprinter Interior Glassware

The Guarantee

Each and every time a limo leaves our facility it is double checked by our staff to make sure it is prepared for passengers. This means it is fully operations, the inside and out are fully detailed, and it is fully stocked with our complimentary items. When all three of these things come together, it means the vehicle is ready to roll. That is our promise and we stick by it! Be sure to try out the clean glassware of your limo the next time you book with Prime Limo!

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