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Available Anytime For Your Convenience

Here at Prime Limo we are available anytime for your convenience. Our staff is on hand at all times to give you the answers you need. Here are the main three ways to reach us!

1. Email - Contact us at anytime. This can help make complex reservations easier than giving all that information over the phone. You can also get quotes and update existing reservations this way. We recommend this for multiple reservations or if you prefer having documentation of our answers.

2. Chat - You can use our online chat system on our website to talk with a live representative. They can get you quotes, help make changes to reservations, and even take reservations. We recommend this for small changes or questions about reservations, as this is a quick response method.

3. Phone - Our office is available anytime at 214-256-6725. Call us to speak to a live representative that can get you any information you need. This can also be used to make a reservation if you would prefer it over our online reservation system. We recommend this method if you have multiple questions about our services.

When contacting us, you can be sure you are reaching a real live agent that works here in our main office. They are fully trained to answer any and all questions you may have. Contact us anytime and anyway you would like, we will be waiting to hear from you!

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