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Through the 5th Door: Escalade Limo

Recently we designed and built our very first super stretch Escalade limo. We were lucky enough to include every single feature imaginable on this vehicle, including a 5th door option! This 5th door, also known as the "Jet Door", allows for an elegant entry and exit point for passengers. This door can be accessed from the inside of the vehicle, and also has a remote entry for outside access. Our team was able to build this door seamlessly into the vehicles clean look. From inside and out it appears as just part of the vehicle, and is an amazing surprise when it is revealed to be a stylish entry/exit.

Escalade Limo Jet Door Interior

You will be able to exceed all the expectations of your group when they get their first look at this special feature. Perfect for both professional and personal trips, it will create a custom atmosphere for your specific needs. Be sure to check it out the next time you reserve our one of a kind 18-20 passenger Escalade limo!

Nida Jet Door

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